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Wharton Property Advisors, Inc. is featured regularly in CRAIN’S, The New York Times and Real Estate Weekly.

Ruth Colp-Haber was also featured in numerous articles in The New York Times.

Distressed NY Dot-Coms Revitalize Parched Market”Distressed NY Dot-Coms Revitalize Parched Market”
“Dying and distressed dot-coms have brought the market for Manhattan office sublets roaring back to life, pouring millions of square feet into the once-parched niche.”

Hooking the Trophy Fish”Hooking the Trophy Fish” “Ruth Colp-Haber, Principal Wharton Property Advisors, Inc.” Ruth Colp-Haber “…is in the business of establishing working relations with smaller clients, whose word-of-mouth advertising makes rain for the broker.”

Extra Office Space? Subleasing is a Winning Strategy”
“Extra office space is a non-financial asset within your overall portfolio that has unique potential. If you have under utilized space of over 1,000 rsf hiring an experienced real estate agent will help you maximize its return.”

Need Office Space? Hire a Specialty Firm”Need Office Space? Hire a Specialty Firm” “…if a business wants a seasoned professional solely concentrated on their space search, they can find this dedication at an Office Leasing Specialty Firm. At Specialty Firms, highly experienced commercial real estate principals derive their compensation from finding perfect space for tenants.”

Sublease Space: New Year’s Wild Card”Sublease space: New Year’s Wild Card” “You have to look at the subleasing market. This is the first indicator of a weakening of the economic picture and the real estate picture,” said Ruth Colp-Haber, partner at Wharton Property Advisors. “The sublets are really a harbinger of weakened markets.”

Crain’s Midtown Rent Cuts”Midtown Rent Cuts Spur New Battle of Bargains” “You’ve got to price to entice….”

Trophy Deals Overpower Mediocre Middle Market”
According to Colp-Haber, “There is still so much new space that comes on the market every day. I see that there is a good deal available, there are a lot of different options and tenants are taking their time.”

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