Allow yourself to embrace ‘Jomo’ — the joy of missing out

Miranda Green JANUARY 6, 2019

Clearly none of us is getting any younger. But it still seemed remarkable that colleagues in the FT office on New Year’s Day were competing not about how late they stayed out the night before, nor about the wildness of the parties, but about who managed to get to bed before […]

What Does a 21st Century Law Firm Look Like?

Given the economic pressures facing the legal industry, many law firms are either downsizing, folding outright or moving to new—more efficient—office spaces.

Accordingly, there is a lot of activity in the law firm office space sector.

Along with the above commercial forces at work, law firm layouts are changing. There […]

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Why Trust Wharton Property Advisors With Your Extra NYC Office Space?

Wharton Property Advisors, also known as Wharton Properties, is a New York City based office space consulting firm. Wharton specializes in office space for  Finance Firms, Hedge Funds, Broker Dealers, Private Equity, Law Firms, TAMI, Consulting, Non profits, Fashion and Healthcare.  They help find the right office space, negotiate office lease renewals or sublease extra […]

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