I am pleased to pass on the exciting news that Wharton Property Advisors has been selected to join an exclusive international network of real estate agents representing tenants in approximately 70 cities worldwide. This new alliance which we helped create expands our capacity to assist clients in all the major cities and metropolitan areas in the United States as well as several key cities in Canada, Europe and Asia. Please see www.whartonproperties.net/

As a result, Wharton can now offer an integrated national and/or international approach to your company‘s real estate situation while maintaining our historical New York City focus. Of course, if you are looking for new space for lease or purchase, we can help in your search. In addition, we can analyze your current leases to determine whether it makes sense to attempt to renegotiate them and/or dispose of excess space via sublet. If you are interested in subletting unneeded space, we have many creative ideas as to how to maximize your company’s return.

Our new venture is consistent with our contrarian roots. We are expanding when others in the real estate business are contracting. The reason is simple; we see better days ahead for the national and world economy when the scourge of the Coronavirus is eradicated.

All of the excellent agents in our network represent tenants exclusively, as opposed to both landlords and tenants. This independence is very important as (1) it avoids the potential conflicts of interest that the major brokerage firms which also represent landlords may have and (2) ensures complete loyalty to our clients. Further, the network is comprised entirely of senior brokers who are highly experienced in the real estate field.

There will be change and turmoil ahead, and the prototype of the office of the future is yet to be determined.  However, whatever form the new office takes we are committed to serving our clients’ needs in the best possible way.  Whether your real estate issues are local in New York City, national or international, please feel free to tap our expertise at Wharton Property Advisors. As you know from our 30 years of experience, we always represent our clients with integrity, creativity and diligence.

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