How do I change my habits?

This week’s problem

Every now and then I feel the need to become more productive and collected at work, and decide to change my sleeping habits, start exercising, write a morning journal or something similar. Each time it lasts for a few weeks before I fall back to my old habits. How do I maintain new […]

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Allow yourself to embrace ‘Jomo’ — the joy of missing out

Miranda Green JANUARY 6, 2019

Clearly none of us is getting any younger. But it still seemed remarkable that colleagues in the FT office on New Year’s Day were competing not about how late they stayed out the night before, nor about the wildness of the parties, but about who managed to get to bed before […]

Google is planning a huge $1 billion campus in New York

Google will build a new campus in New York City, the tech giant announced in a blog post on Monday.

Google plans to spend $1 billion to create a 1.7-million-square-foot campus called “Google Hudson Square” in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood, said the post by Google’s chief financial officer, Ruth Porat.

Google said it locked […]

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