Tesla to Close Stores, Emphasizing Online Sales Instead

With e-commerce dominant, even one of the sexiest retail proprietors around is having trouble making the business model work.

Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk announced in a call with reporters yesterday that the company would close stores and move all car sales online in an effort to cut […]

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Ikea to trial furniture leasing in business overhaul

Ikea is to start leasing furniture in a radical departure from its traditional business model that the
Swedish group believes could lead to new ways of customers owning products from office chairs to
kitchen cabinets.

The first leasing trial by the world’s largest furniture retailer is set to begin in Switzerland as soon
as this month, and will involve […]

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Allow yourself to embrace ‘Jomo’ — the joy of missing out

Miranda Green JANUARY 6, 2019

Clearly none of us is getting any younger. But it still seemed remarkable that colleagues in the FT office on New Year’s Day were competing not about how late they stayed out the night before, nor about the wildness of the parties, but about who managed to get to bed before […]

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