Obtaining new office space is one of the major decisions that your company will make. Despite that fact, some business people mistakenly think that they have the ability to negotiate a lease on their own—or alternatively, they naïvely use multiple brokers in an attempt to obtain a good deal on space.

One hard working broker is the best route for the following reasons:

  1. All major brokerage firms have access to the same Costar office space listings (multiple brokers do not lead to access to additional spaces).
  2. Without an exclusive agency agreement, your broker—who is paid on commission and receives no compensation unless they complete a transaction—cannot commit the time and effort necessary to fully service your needs.
  3. A broker with an exclusive agency (who has a loyal client) is fully incentivized to go the extra mile—learn the client’s needs in detail, dig behind the listings, and spend the time to get the best deal possible.

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