By Ruth Colp-Haber, Wharton Property Advisors, Inc.

I love Top 10 lists (who doesn’t?). The Counselors of Real Estate – an exclusive group of real estate advisors of which I am a member – did a recent survey of the top 10 concerns facing the industry. The results were fascinating, and are summarized in the attached article in Realtor Magazine, with click-throughs to the full analysis of all 10 problems together.

The list identifies many of the major issues facing the United States and the world today, with the top three being infrastructure first, housing affordability second and climate change third. I think the Counselors were very much on target, but what is your list of key issues? Have a look at the article and click-throughs – you may find them thought-provoking and informative as I did! And please feel free to let me know what you think about it as well.

The top 10 concerns were as follows:

1. Infrastructure
2. Affordability
3. Weather and climate-related risks
4. The technology effect
5. End-of-cycle economics
6. Political division
7. Capital market risk
8. Population migration
9. Volatility and confidence
10. Public and private indebtedness

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